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VARIUS Playing cards (Classic)

VARIUS Playing cards (Classic)

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Classic Edition

  • 100% custom deck featuring semi-classic court cards
  • Printed by Cartamundi in Belgium on premium True Linen B9 Slimline stock
  • Edition of 1000 decks 
  • Cold foil and interior printing for tuck boxes
  • Four Jokers, custom pips and a classic layout for number cards
  • Funded on Kickstarter, designed and produced by Montenzi 
  • Get a free half-brick box when you purchase a total of six decks from any Varius edition (Purple/Teal/Classic).

In recent years, floor tiles from Roman Empire villas have been unearthed throughout the UK and Europe. Underneath the dense soil, the tile floors are remarkably well-preserved. These have become archeological spectacles that enable researchers to learn more about history. The design of the Classic Edition is left without any foil and features a weathered greenish-grey color, symbolizing the rediscovery of long-forgotten designs that hold significant historical value. The weathering effect enhances the intent of discovery and exploration.

Varius Classic Edition

Court Cards

Following the tradition of my creations, I use simple lines to sketch the characters. With a subtle variation of thick and thin strokes, they come to life with more personality. The clothing is not shabby, and the use of blocky color patches and gradients gives the traditional courts a classy and contemporary appearance. Although the courts maintain a traditional frame, each character has an item, a weapon, or a sleeve that extends beyond the borders. After all, margins are made for trespassing, aren't they?

Varius Classic Edition

QoS Classic

Aces, Jokers, and number cards

VARIUS playing cards. Classic Edition Aces and Jokers

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