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Escape Velocity (Red)

Escape Velocity (Red)

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Reach for the stars with Escape Velocity, a deck inspired by the incredible history of space exploration. It tells the story of brave heroes who fearlessly defy gravity and explore the unknown. The deck honors these adventurers and celebrates their unbreakable spirit.

Are you ready to embark on a journey through the universe? Join the mission now!

Escape Velocity decks are available in two editions: the Blue version pays homage to the cold depths of space, while the Red draws inspiration from the fiery bursts of rocket engines.

  • 100% custom deck featuring original symmetric courts with retro astronauts
  • Printed by Cartamundi in Belgium on premium True Linen B9 Slimline stock
  • Edition of 750 decks in each color
  • Foil-stamped and embossed box, with a night sky printed inside
  • 56 poker-sized cards, including two Jokers featuring an astronaut-accordionist, and two extra cards
  • Original pips and layouts for number cards
  • Designed by Sinkevich, produced by Montenzi
  • Funded on Kickstarter

All images are 3D or prototypes! Actual colors may vary!

Back design

Court cards

Clubs: spaceport technician, female astronaut, the head of the flight control center.

Diamonds: co-pilot, astrophotographer, spaceship commander.

Spades: test pilot, xenobiologist, one of the pioneers of astronautics and rocket scientist.

Hearts (J/Q/K): legendary pilot and first astronaut, first space tourist who gives a press conference, leading rocket engineer and designer.



Number cards

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