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VARIUS Playing cards (Purple Limited), PRE-ORDER

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  • Three 100% custom decks.
  • All decks printed by Cartamundi on premium True Linen B9 Slimline stock
  • Cold foil on both sides of the cards for Limited decks!
  • Premium boxes printed by Cartamundi with cold foil and matte finish for all decks.
  • EU/USA friendly shipping

It’s a PRE-ORDER! Decks will be shipped in March 2023

In stock

Product Description

Purple Edition

  • Printed by Cartamundi with cold foil on both sides of the cards
  • Limited Edition (this deck will never be re-printed with foil on the cards)

The pattern of the Purple Limited carries memories of the medieval royal court. Nodes that join together elegant lines of swirls coupled with the purple & silver foils, lend a touch of grandeur highness. However, while inspected close up, the pattern seems like a repetition of the symmetrical flowery coat of arms, one will realize the lines are misaligned when observed from far, which creates a sense of oddity. The effect is a borderless back design with some hints of optical elusion viewed from near to far.

Back design

Court Cards

Following the tradition of my creations, the courts use simple lines to sketch out the facial feature of the characters. But with a simple touch of thick and thin within the lines, the characters pop with more personality. The clothings are not shabby at all either, again with blocky color patches and gradients, the traditional courts are rendered more classy and modern. Although the courts maintain the traditional frame, each character has either an item, a weapon, or a sleeve that breaks the borders. After all, margins are made for trespassing, aren’t they?




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