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VARIUS Playing cards (Classic)

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  • Printed by Cartamundi on premium True Linen B9 Slimline stock
  • Boxes printed by Cartamundi with cold foil for all decks.
  • EU/USA friendly shipping

In stock

Product Description

*** Get a free half-brick box when you purchase a total of six decks from any Varius edition (Purple/Teal/Classic).

Classic Edition

In recent years, floor tiles of villas from the Roman Empire have been unearthed across the UK and Europe. Under heavy soil, the tile floors are surprisingly well-preserved. These have become archeological spectacles and sights that enable researchers to learn more about the history. The design of the Classic  Edition is left without any foil and replaced with a weathered greenish-grey to represent the unmasking of a long lost design that carries the weight of a historical importance. The weathering especially enhances the intent of discovery and exploration.

Back design and Aces

Court Cards

Following the tradition of my creations, the courts use simple lines to sketch out the facial feature of the characters. But with a simple touch of thick and thin within the lines, the characters pop with more personality. The clothings are not shabby at all either, again with blocky color patches and gradients, the traditional courts are rendered more classy and modern. Although the courts maintain the traditional frame, each character has either an item, a weapon, or a sleeve that breaks the borders. After all, margins are made for trespassing, aren’t they?




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