Hello Tiki V3 (Red ULTRA + Retro Premium)

USD $67.00

Only 29 left in stock

It’s a PRE-ORDER! 

Decks printed and will be shipped from USA and Germany (EU friendly) in May/June.

All editions are Kickstarter and Montenzi exclusive!


Only 29 left in stock

Product Description

There are two decks in this bundle:

  • Red ULTRA Gilded (460 printed)
  • Retro Premium (514 printed)

Order six Hello TIki V3 decks and receive a free half brick box!

You can buy two of each or add more White/Retro Premium decks to this order (see other products).

The Red ULTRA deck is only available with silver gilding. This deck will never be reprinted.

Hello Tiki V3 features:

  • Printed by Cartamundi, Belgium
  • COLD FOIL on both sides of the cards!
  • Full bleed red foil on both sides for the Red ULTRA deck
  • True linen Slimline B9 finish
  • Tuck boxes printed by Cartamundi with cold foil and matte finish
  • Silver gilding for the Red ULTRA deck
  • EU friendly fulfillment
  • Funded on Kickstarter in 2020
  • Half brick box (included if you order 6 decks): premium matt black paper, red and silver foil, embossing

Kickstarter link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/montenzi/hello-tiki-v3-playing-cards/description

High resolution images: https://montenzi.nz/files/tikiv3.zip (all images are 3D)

Fulfillment from USA (Gambler’s Warehouse) and Germany (EU-friendly)

* EU-friendly fulfillment is subject to availability!  If you add other decks available in my US warehouse only to your order, I will ship all decks from the US!



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