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2 * Hello Tiki V2 (BLACK + RED)

USD $35.00

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Only 7 left in stock

Black Tiki Ultra deck is only available in bundles with Red/White decks!

WARNING: You are buying decks in “AS-IS” condition! There may be some scratches or dents on boxes. 

Only 7 left in stock

Product Description

BACK IN STOCK SALE: I decided to sell all the remaining decks now. If you are lucky enough, you will receive a perfectly fine deck. Otherwise, some of the boxes are with minor dents and scratches.

There are two  (2) decks in this bundle:

  • 1 * BLACK Tiki Ultra V2
  • 1 * RED Tiki V2

You can add more RED and WHITE decks to this order.

Black Tiki ULTRA:

Red Tiki:

  • Printed by USPCC, USA
  • Edition of 550 decks
  • Air-Cushion finish
  • Premium Bee stock
  • Traditional cut
  • Metallic inks
  • Back design with white borders
  • Tuck box with silver and orange foil + embossing
  • 56 poker sized (2.48” x 3.46” or 63mm x 88mm) cards.
  • 4 Jokers
  • Funded on Kickstarter

Fulfillment by Gambler’s Warehouse from USA.

All prices are in US dollars (USD)



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