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Hello Tiki V3 (One of each)

Hello Tiki V3 (One of each)

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► We fulfill orders from three locations: USA (Texas), EU (Germany), and NZ.

NEW: This month, we offer a flat rate of $6.95 for domestic shipping to our USA customers for all orders of more than one deck! For a single deck, the shipping cost is $6.20.

► For customers outside of the USA (excluding NZ/AU), we recommend selecting the "Shipping from the EU" option when purchasing between 1-8 decks or more than 12 decks. This will provide you with better international shipping rates, no matter where you are, even in Canada. The shipping rates are the same from both the USA and EU if you are only buying one deck.

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There are six decks and a half brick box in this bundle:
  • Red ULTRA Gilded (460 printed)
  • White Gilded (325 printed)
  • Retro Gilded (345 printed)
  • White Premium (571 printed)
  • Retro Premium (514 printed)
  • MINI (520 printed)
  • Half Brick box (350 printed)

Premium and Gilded are the same decks! The only differences are boxes and silver gilding. The Red ULTRA deck is only available with silver gilding. This deck will never be reprinted.

Hello Tiki V3 features:

  • Printed by Cartamundi, Belgium
  • COLD FOIL on both sides of the cards!
  • Full bleed red foil on both sides for the Red ULTRA deck
  • True linen Slimline B9 finish
  • Tuck boxes printed by Cartamundi with cold foil and matte finish
  • Silver gilding used on Red ULTRA/White Gilded/Retro Gilded decks
  • The MINI deck is 1/2 poker size, printed in China
  • Half brick box: premium matt black paper, red and silver foil, embossing
  • EU friendly fulfillment
  • Funded on Kickstarter in 2020

Kickstarter link: